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Suffering from afternoon cravings and need something to get you through until dinner? Or perhaps you’ve just finished your yoga or pilates session and are wanting to give your body what it will need to recover quicker?

Zap The Fat Craving Crusher is here to help you stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals. Made in Australia from grass-fed dairy. Flavoured using natural vanilla beans and sweetened using organic Stevia, Craving Crusher is a delicious creamy shake that will help curb any sweet cravings, keep you feeling fuller for longer and assist your body to repair and rebuild.



What does whey protein do for You?

Whey protein is an excellent source of a wide range of amino acids and additional nutrients that are beneficial to health. Whey protein has been shown to increase lean body mass in conjunction with resistance training, bolster glutathione status, have immunomodulatory effects and improve gut health.

Benefits of Whey Protein

  • Promote Muscle Growth.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Support Lower Blood Pressure.

This Video explains the benefit of Zap the Fat AUSTRALIAN WHEY PROTION  “ Craving Crusher”

Health Benefits of Whey Protein. There are many reasons for using whey protein powder for your health, including its ability to aid in weight loss, gain muscle mass, increase the levels, protect your heart health, decrease recovery and repair time and strengthen the immune system, among others.

* Australian Whey Protein Concentrate

* Comes from Grass Fed Cattle that are free to roam Australian grassy pastures

* Spray dried milk protein manufactured from fresh cheese Whey

* Manufactured using a low temperature, ultra-filtration process

* Naturally sweetened using Organic Stevia

* Naturally flavoured using Natural Vanilla Bean flavouring

* Excellent Nutritional Value

* Naturally high in Branched Chain and Essential Amino Acids

* Under natured (as nature intended)

* Nothing artificial added!

* Gluten free

* Only 3 ingredients (Grass Fed Whey, Natural Flavour, Organic Sweetener)

* Delicious creamy taste will keep you feeling fuller for longer

* Take Australian Whey after a workout, Sport including intense training, in-between meals. This is as a low-calorie snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer and to curb sweet cravings


Recommended Consumption: 1-2 per day Use within 30 days of opening. Store sealed in a cool, dry, odour free environment below 25°C. Zap the Fat is Australian owned and operated

2 reviews for Craving Crusher

  1. Cher

    Awesome and Delicious!!!

  2. Robyn

    Love this! Take it after my workout! I love the Added bonus of an ‘AUSTRALIAN MADE PRODUCT’ Tastes great also.

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