Hello and welcome to Zap the Fat Business Opportunities !!

This is FREE to get involved and we “Support and Train You “with the information required, and skills, including a certificate on completion.

How to get started is a simple phone call or e-mail myself.

Chereen Mauk e: chereen@zapthefat.com.au or have a chat, my direct mobile is m: 0408200059

Zap the Fat is about empowering people, changing lives and building strong relationships in the minds of our customers and representatives. Zap the Company has several options to choose from. If you are keen and have a strong interest in the happiness of people and would like to feel financial freedom? Then lets meet, for 15 minutes to discuss how you can get involved. The feeling of working flexible hours, and for yourself sound good? Then lets start now and make a difference in lives today.

Zap Options:

  • Purchase your own Zap┬áMachine, which you can operate from your home or shop space and earn up to $1,000 per hour
  • Stock the Zap the Fat supplements and have a your own shop online
  • Become a reseller, of our product and machines in your area or state
  • Host Zap the Fat nights, where you can perform the treatments and sell the products
  • Become a distributor for you state or country “Exclusive Distribution rights Available”
  • Have us here at Zap the Fat come to you and perform the treatments, in your current practice or business with commission split

We have all the training, knowledge, marketing and support for “you” to become very successful!!

Earn up to $1,000 per hour, Zap the Fat is here to make a difference in peoples lives!!

Change your future now buy making one simple phone call call or e-mail